In memoriam: Jo Cox

It only takes one shot to stop a heart
that beats in praise of life, that’s warm and large.
We stand together, or we fall apart.

It only takes one minute to revert
to villainy, one gunman with a grudge.
It isn’t just the shot that stops our hearts

but – what’s worse – the mind that’s closed to hurt,
panic that opts to wall and fence and hedge.
We stand together, or we fall apart.

It’s easy now to harden into hate,
to hear a cry for help, refuse to budge.
Not moving works a shift that stops our hearts.

With every sneer, snarl, slander, snipe and spit
we aggravate the rage, inflame the itch.
We hold together, or we break apart.

There’s still a chance of cooling off the heat,
still enough time to inch back from the ledge.
Don’t let the shit, the shot, shut down your heart:
we stand together or we fall apart.

RIP Jo Cox


Jo Cox MP was murdered yesterday in the course of her work as the elected representative of the people of the town of Batley in Yorkshire. 


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